• Proofs- Any proofs sent are confidential, only for the named recipient and are not to be forwarded or shown on social media. Please refrain from getting feedback from friends, family, or others (unless they're your target market). If/when consulting your target market or customer base be sure to ask specific questions, such as, "how does this design make you feel?", "do you feel the personality of this brand identification represents [company] well?", "do you have any feedback?" Please remember that while making a well informed decision on design is the goal, opening the door for outside opinions may derail from the research regarding original concepts, vision, mood and meaning behind your design. Finally, all concepts are my intellectual property until final selection and purchasing of a design occurs to release the copyright.

  • Revision Cycles -  For all projects, an initial concept will be given based upon the information you have provided. Then, there will be two free revisions allotted. Anytime you give feedback, that is considered one revision cycle. For example, if there are 10 things you would like for me to change with the design/layout, that feedback needs to be explained to me in one single email/message, instead of 10 separate emails. This is because you only get two revision cycles. Before giving me feedback, it is important for you to take your time and thoroughly think through what changes you would like to see. Focus is a key component during the entire design process. After you receive your proofs, the deadline to give feedback for each revision cycle is within 1-2 business days. The deadline is in place to help keep all projects moving forward in a timely fashion. After the allotted maximum of two rounds of revisions, there will be a $5 fee associated with each additional revision cycle for graphic work and $15 for video work.

  • Scope of Project - During the design process, I will be bringing forth the design concept that you have explained in our Client Agreement. Deviating away and/or changing from the design concept initially agreed upon will require an additional fee due at the time changes occur. A fee of $20 for funeral edits, $30 for Infographics, Inspirational & Digital Advertising or additional 50% charge of your costs of services for any logo and video edit re-designs/stylistic changes as they will equal double the work. Deviations will also require you to fill out a new Client Agreement for the any new concept determinations.

  • Cancellations - This is a non-refundable purchase.  After agreeing to this contract, there will be zero refunds given. This a non-refundable purchase. I also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order including, but not limited too, these reasons: (i.e. threatening, vulgar obscene content or language, inappropriate images, hate speech, rude and condescending communication with me, etc.). If there is a technical error on my part regarding the final product I will offer a free correction on your product. You are responsible to inspect your final product upon arrival.  If there is an issue with your final product, you must contact me within 5 business days to let me know. After that point, I will not be able to guarantee any sort of “fix” for your order.  If I lose contact with you or do not hear from you with updates for more than 30 business days, your order will be cancelled with no refund available.

  • Ownership & Copyright - The purchase of these services is for the designing of your item. All digital files are included with the purchase. If digital files are needed of your design at a later time, please contact me within 6 months after your project is completed otherwise I cannot guarantee that I will still have the storage capacity to hold on to your design. I will however try to keep your files on hand as long as possible to make reordering and other projects easier. The purchase of a logo includes the designing of your new logo and all files. You have full ownership of the files provided to you. You can use your logo design however you would like.

  • Publicity of Work - I retain the right to showcase your finished product as part of my portfolio of work.

Finally if your project is particularly time sensitive please elaborate on your for request for ASAP deadline. I always work in a timely manner, however I need to establish an actual deadline to ensure it can be met.



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